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All publishers must hold fast to the accompanying approaches, so please read them  

It would be ideal if you inquire for any progressions that might be made whenever. According to the online terms and conditions, access to and consistence with the most recent arrangements is your obligation. Exemptions to these strategies are just allowed with Google's consent. 

publishers are required to abstain from putting the AdSense symbol on pages containing content that abuses Google's publishers strategies. This could prompt the suspension or end of your records. 

publishers may put the AdSense symbol on pages containing content that is dependent upon limitations on Google publishers, in spite of the fact that this substance will probably get less advertisements contrasted with other substance that isn't dependent upon limitations. 

Misdirecting encounters 

publishers may not put Google advertisements on sites that contain deluding encounters. You can see the deceptive encounters page 

Traffic sources 

Google advertisements may not be shown on pages that get traffic from specific sources. For instance: Publishers may avoid paid-to-click programs, send spontaneous messages, or show promotions because of an activity taken in any product application. Distributers who utilize online promotions should likewise guarantee that their pages consent to Google's greeting page quality rules. 

Advertisement conduct 

publishers are allowed to make changes to the AdSense promotion code as long as they don't falsely blow up the presentation of the promotion or cause damage to sponsors. 

Promotion position 

publishers are urged to explore different avenues regarding an assortment of situations and advertisement positions. Nonetheless, the AdSense symbol may not be put in unseemly places, for example, pop-ups, messages, or projects. Distributers should likewise hold fast to the strategies for every item utilized 

Site conduct 

Clients should think that its extremely simple to peruse the destinations showing Google advertisements. Destinations may not adjust client favored settings, divert clients to undesirable sites, start downloads, or contain malware, pop-ups, or foundation pop-ups that meddle with website route. 

To guarantee a positive encounter for Internet clients and Google publicists, destinations showing Google Ads may not: 

Utilize outside administrations that create snaps or impressions, for example, paid-to-click, paid-to-surf, auto-peruse, and click-trade programs. 

Advance herself through arbitrary spam or undesirable ads on outsider sites. 

Show "Google advertisements", search boxes, or list items because of activities taken in programming applications, for example, toolbars. 

Transfer by any program that may prompt showing pop-ups, diverting clients to undesirable sites, altering program settings, or impeding site route. It is your duty to guarantee that no promotion system or promoter utilizes these strategies to guide traffic to pages containing your AdSense code. 

Get traffic from online ads except if the site consents to the idea of Google's presentation page quality rules. For instance: Users ought to have the option to handily discover what your advertisement guarantees.